Thursday, May 03, 2012

Toddlers & Tiaras

I'm not hating on anyone. I'm not bashing anyone. This is just my opinion. 

When Toddlers and Tiaras started in 2009, I thought it was a good show. They were just sweet kids having fun competing against each other. Then it turned into a disaster.


Look at this girl. She's beautiful in the before picture. She is adorable. Look at her in the after picture. Still cute(ish) but it kind of turns me off. She's wearing a bunch of fake crap. Fake tan, fake eyelashes, fake teeth (maybe, not all people do this).

The moms say they do pageants because their kids like it and because it builds their self esteem up. Yes, I agree. Girls should have lots of self-esteem but if you need a bunch of makeup, glitters and sparkles, that's not right. Self-esteem is believing that you are beautiful. The kids believe they are beautiful if they have makeup and dresses and sparkles on.

Now look at their attitude.

Excuse me Ms. Honey Boo Boo Child but that was horrible. "My special juice is going to help me win! " She's only 6 and she already acts like this?

I feel bad but really, the parents will learn when the kids get older and they don't believe that they are beautiful.

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