Saturday, August 04, 2012

Could / Should / Would You Kiss On The First Date?

Kiss On The First Date

C/S/W you ever kiss on the first date? I'm not an expert on this dating thing but I think I know enough. 

Could You?

Yeah, you could if you liked the guy and if you were sure he's not a creepy guy out to hook up with you. ( unless you wanted that.)

Should You?

Honestly, I am not in a position to say yes or no because it's your life and your opinion. If the date went well and you felt that you had a connection with the person then go for it! It's definitely not necessary and if you're wondering on how to end the date without making it awkward, you have a couple of options. You could end it with a kiss on a cheek and a hug. Not everything has to be all mushy. 

Would You?

Would I? It depends. Again, if the date went well and I had a connection, sure! If not, no. Here's a question for you: would you kiss on the first date? Leave your answer below.

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