Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Colorful Beads

I got this idea from one of my Lovely Links links. It was the one where they melted down Hama beads to make into a bracelet. So yes, I got this from that post but I'm putting my own twist on it.  Let's start!

You will need:

* A flat iron. Any flat iron will do.
* Fun fusion beads. I used fun fusion beads but I'm pretty sure that this will also work on Hama beads or Perler beads.
* a Fun Fusion peg board. Any peg board will do, they usually come with the beads in a little pack.
* toothpick. 
* wax paper. I used parchment paper but that's only because I forgot where I placed my wax paper. Usually, that type of paper comes with the bead kits as well.

1.  Plug in your flatiron and choose the lowest temperature. I used 350 degrees. Choose your bead and place it on your pegboard.

2. Place your parchment paper over the bead.

3. This is where it gets kind of tricky. Once your flatiron is warmed up, take the peg board with the bead under the parchment paper and press the bead to your flatiron. I pressed the pegboard on the top clamp bit for about 15 seconds.

If you are not sure about whether it's ready or not, take the flatiron off and look at the bead. If it looks like the image above, it's ready.

4. Take your toothpick and poke it through the tiny hole while the bead it still hot. Once the bead has cooled down, it will be very difficult to poke a hole.

5. After you have done one side, flip it over and let the flatten side be face down facing the pegboard. Cover with parchment paper and press the flat iron to the bead again. Once it is ready, use the toothpick and make sure the hole is big enough.

Just a side angle of what your bead should look like when finished.

*Tips And Tricks*

Once you have mastered it , you can start doing 2 beads at a time on your peg board.

The finished product. :)

Looking for a creative way to use these beads?

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