Monday, August 06, 2012


Hi there!

isn't he the cutest kid ever? // mini shopping spree! // where's all the smoke coming from? // why are Hollistor guys so hot?

So this weekend, I went on a mini shopping spree to get some new clothes and I'll be writing a post about that soon but I got some great finds! Also, have you ever wondered where they found all the hot guys to model in Abercrombie/ Hollistor ads? Like really? Where do they find all these guys because I want a taste of that!

the ever so gorgeous Arianna Grande//doesn't this fake flower look real? // I couldn't resist taking a picture of this lace.

That picture of the lace above is a close up shot of the lace on once of the new shirts I bought yesterday. Isn't it lovely?

Until next time..
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