Sunday, October 07, 2012

a little bit more of me.

I know that my blog is just a little tiny dot in the internet but I do have other sites that you may or may not be aware about.


I currently have 2 different tumblrs.


On my personal, there may be things that offend you or things that you're not comfortable with but the reason behind my personal is to really express myself. If you don't like my tumblr, don't follow!


Follow on Bloglovin

I really like Bloglovin, it's super easy to use and I check it ever day so it really helps keep me updated.

(Click the button for my bloglovin.)


Follow Me on Pinterest

I don't use Pinterest as often but it's nice to use every now and then.

Make sure to leave your usernames and urls down below! I'm happy to check them out! 

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