Monday, December 17, 2012

CTC: Gift Guide * Girl Edition!*

This year, I decided to do a Countdown to Christmas thing for the last 7 days until Christmas. I'm crazy excited and I'm making a gift guide on what to buy girls for Christmas!

For the girly girl: 

(image via The Make And Beauty Blog)
This would be me. :$ For the girly girl, you could get them any makeup palette or a brush set. A gift card to Sephora or a clothing store would also work if you really had no options. Naked Basics by Urban Decay would be a really nice product to give someone.

For the sporty girl:

(location unknown.)
 For this type of girl, I would get them some sweatpants or hoodies from Pink: Victoria's Secret. Anybody can use sweats and hoodies but for a sporty girl, I'm sure they would get a lot of use out of this.

For the shopaholic: 

A giftcard to one of her favorite stores would be perfect, there's no tax and there's no going wrong with this gift!

For just about anyone:
If you're really stuck on ideas, you could get somebody some creams or hand-santizers from Bath & Bodyworks. I would also recommend giving chocolate.

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