Thursday, January 31, 2013

February Sponsors

To really start off this month, I'm offering free ad swaps. Of course, they're always free but this month is going to be different. I use Passionfruit to manage my ads & to swap ads with me, you just have to have a Passionfruit account. The deal is, I put one of your ads on Pastel Mints and you have to put one of my adson your blog. Most of the time, people forget to sign up to take one of my ads and I'm left there advertising you while on your site, you don't have my button up. See how this can get frustrating? Anyways, sign up below!

Don't forget to use the code FREESPOT ! Please write me an email after signing up so we can talk about putting my button up on your blog and vice versa!

Note: I will accept the ads on February 2nd and it will end on March 2nd so you will have a full 28 days.

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