Ad Swaps

I don't have a ton of views and I don't have a lot of readers so I can't really have a sponsership thing but I am interested in ad swaps!

Fill out the form below and use the code FREESPOT when you check out. This is completely free as long as you use the code FREESPOT. 

Hurry! There are only 6 spots available this month! 

Guest Posts

I'm always looking for new guest posters so if you would like to post on my blog about anything from a DIY project to a life lesson or a beauty tutorial, I would be happy to have you! Email me at

*Note: Your post must fit my blog style and must be appropriate meaning no violence, no nudity, nothing of that nature.

Product Reviews

I'm also interested in doing product reviews so send your product over and I'll give my honest opinion on it.

*Note: I will only be doing product reviews on stuff that fit my blog and are appropriate.

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