Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Day Of Instagram

anthill//my gorgeous bracelets//i need more great lash!
Originally, today I was going to make a tutorial for redoing your rings but it started raining and the lighting wasn't good so I called it off. Sorry!

Instagram is one of the handiest things I have ever used. I love the effects and how easy it is to change your pictures. Follow me? Search up ilovemycupcakes and I'll follow you back!

Have you guys ever come across a game that is like your drug? Ahaha, the game Anthill is mine. You basically have this little colony of ants and there are bugs that come along trying to destroy your hill so you have little defenses to stop them. The ants are absolutely adorable.

I'm putting up a bracelet tutorial soon so that picture above is a little teaser. :)

I need more Great Lash!


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Monday, July 30, 2012

Could / Should / Would You Use Reusable Toilet Paper?

Good news: Could/Should/Would is one of my new blog series! 
Bad news: I've been having some difficulty with finding inspiration for DIY projects and such so C/S/W should help me with that. 

Reusable Toilet Paper

C/S/W you ever use reusable toilet paper? Now, not to be gross/ offensive here but a while ago, I heard about cloth toilet paper that you wash and reuse again after each use. Let's see the facts.

(image via)

Could You Ever?

You could. Considering that you wash it with hot water and soap, no dangerous bacteria should linger on the cloth. Even if there was, you wash your hands after you use the toilet anyways so it's not like you would be eating down the bacteria.

Should You Ever?

I totally understand why some people might prefer cloth toilet paper rather than manufactured toilet paper. It is softer and more environmentally friendly. I don't know if you should though. The washing of the cloths uses more water so when you weigh out the options, it might be close. 

Would You Ever?

Personally, I wouldn't. I could probably try but I don't think that it would work out. I don't have the time to keep washing my toilet paper over and over again. What are your opinion's on this? Comment below!

The Verdict: 

It's reasonable. If you're into saving a couple of bucks and you're frugal, I would go for it! It's not for everybody but the people that do make it work, I admire you. 

Want to find out more about this? Here are some links.



Saturday, July 28, 2012

Lovely Links

Again, I'm sorry, I know this post is late. ( Who am I apologizing to? Nobody reads this.)

(yay, a delicious new banner!)

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(via finkelsteins) 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Love: Snooki & Jwoww

My love started when I watched Jersey Shore. The moment Nicole/ Snooki walked into the house saying " Party's here!" , I was hooked in and I kept watching every week and I started really getting into the show. 

I know a lot of people say that Jersey Shore is garbage and that it is a waste of time. When you actually watch a whole season of it, you realize that yes, you are watching a bunch of people party,'smush' and get into fights every night but you are also watching a family. They all care about each other and they all act like how a real family does.

4 seasons later and MTV announces that they are filming Snooki & Jwoww. If you understand what I say about them being a family, you will understand when I say that Nicole and Jenni are sisters. 

Give it a chance, it's surprisingly funny and they really have calmed down from their days of Jersey Shore.  They might be blunt, honest, outspoken and raunchy but they are also themselves. 

Leave a comment about what you think! 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Weekly Roundup

Yes, I know this post is super late ( I usually post my weekly roundups on Thursday) but I was really busy and I fell asleep as soon as I got home. Sorry.

Image from theperfectpearpair

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Weekly Roundup

I really love sharing things that I've seen around the internet and I've decided to start a new blog series because it's fun! I think every Thursday is a good time so look out for it! 

That's it for this week!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

What Belongs In A Bag

What Belongs In A Bag

A lot of young girls purchase a new bag and they're all excited but then they have no idea of what to put in it. Here are some suggestions of what to fill your bag with.

Bag:  Steve Madden Bflagged // 1. Stilla Golden Godess Kit //2.Orbit Sweet Mint Gum // 3. Bath And Bodyworks- Malibu //4. Tweezer Man- Hot For Dots // 5.Tampax Pearl Compax // 6. Samsung Galaxy Note // 7. Paris Mirror Compact

Since it is June 4th today and Americans are celebrating, I chose this American style bag that I think is extremely cute.  

1.  I usually try to find mini makeup kits that allow me to stuff in my bag and go. Try and choose the makeup that needs touching up or something that you use daily instead of bringing out that bright blue eyeshadow you haven't worn in years.

2. Sometimes, you meet really hot guys at that bakery/cafe across the street and one thing turns into another and before you know it, you're kissing him. Bring some gum or mints out to get rid of your lunch breath.

3. Hand cream is useful. Nuff said.

4. Have you ever been in the washroom checking yourself out when you lean closer and you discover you have eyebrow stubble? Yeah, bring some tweezers out for some quick plucking.

5. Unexpected period got you down? No,I'm not a tampon commercial but it really helps when you have your period.

6. I use my phone for practically anything now, FB, twitter, as a mirror, taking notes and texting. 

7. Lastly, a compact mirror is super useful in making sure you don't have lettuce stuck in your teeth or if you need a quick touchup! 


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Roundup: 10 Awesome Summer Ideas

Now that I have no school, I wanted to share some cute ideas for your summer!

 1. Summer is filled with swimming in pools and you need some ways to care for your hair so why not take a look at DIY scalp treatments from The Style Dossier?

(via Bubby and Bean)
2. I take a ton of photos in the summer to capture memories and this tutorial is perfect for using Photoshop to create dreamy photos.

3. Want a way to spruce up your nails? How about 5 different ways to the French manicure from b for bel?

4. Here are 3 DIY ways to remove a fake tan.

5. An adorable way to make your own flip-flops!

6. A gross but informative tutorial on how to clean your hairbrush. ( from The Beauty Department)

7. 40 different ways to tie a scarf!

8. Try this tutorial on the French fishtail mermaid braid.

9.Get beachy hair with this DIY salt spray!

10. Check out these ideas on what to wear to the gym. Follow Me on Pinterest