Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Roundup: 10 Awesome Summer Ideas

Now that I have no school, I wanted to share some cute ideas for your summer!

 1. Summer is filled with swimming in pools and you need some ways to care for your hair so why not take a look at DIY scalp treatments from The Style Dossier?

(via Bubby and Bean)
2. I take a ton of photos in the summer to capture memories and this tutorial is perfect for using Photoshop to create dreamy photos.

3. Want a way to spruce up your nails? How about 5 different ways to the French manicure from b for bel?

4. Here are 3 DIY ways to remove a fake tan.

5. An adorable way to make your own flip-flops!

6. A gross but informative tutorial on how to clean your hairbrush. ( from The Beauty Department)

7. 40 different ways to tie a scarf!

8. Try this tutorial on the French fishtail mermaid braid.

9.Get beachy hair with this DIY salt spray!

10. Check out these ideas on what to wear to the gym. Follow Me on Pinterest


  1. Really great post's you have, Would like to feature some in my future hubs if thats ok will give you full credit and link to you here is one on remove fake tan