Wednesday, July 04, 2012

What Belongs In A Bag

What Belongs In A Bag

A lot of young girls purchase a new bag and they're all excited but then they have no idea of what to put in it. Here are some suggestions of what to fill your bag with.

Bag:  Steve Madden Bflagged // 1. Stilla Golden Godess Kit //2.Orbit Sweet Mint Gum // 3. Bath And Bodyworks- Malibu //4. Tweezer Man- Hot For Dots // 5.Tampax Pearl Compax // 6. Samsung Galaxy Note // 7. Paris Mirror Compact

Since it is June 4th today and Americans are celebrating, I chose this American style bag that I think is extremely cute.  

1.  I usually try to find mini makeup kits that allow me to stuff in my bag and go. Try and choose the makeup that needs touching up or something that you use daily instead of bringing out that bright blue eyeshadow you haven't worn in years.

2. Sometimes, you meet really hot guys at that bakery/cafe across the street and one thing turns into another and before you know it, you're kissing him. Bring some gum or mints out to get rid of your lunch breath.

3. Hand cream is useful. Nuff said.

4. Have you ever been in the washroom checking yourself out when you lean closer and you discover you have eyebrow stubble? Yeah, bring some tweezers out for some quick plucking.

5. Unexpected period got you down? No,I'm not a tampon commercial but it really helps when you have your period.

6. I use my phone for practically anything now, FB, twitter, as a mirror, taking notes and texting. 

7. Lastly, a compact mirror is super useful in making sure you don't have lettuce stuck in your teeth or if you need a quick touchup! 


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