Monday, July 30, 2012

Could / Should / Would You Use Reusable Toilet Paper?

Good news: Could/Should/Would is one of my new blog series! 
Bad news: I've been having some difficulty with finding inspiration for DIY projects and such so C/S/W should help me with that. 

Reusable Toilet Paper

C/S/W you ever use reusable toilet paper? Now, not to be gross/ offensive here but a while ago, I heard about cloth toilet paper that you wash and reuse again after each use. Let's see the facts.

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Could You Ever?

You could. Considering that you wash it with hot water and soap, no dangerous bacteria should linger on the cloth. Even if there was, you wash your hands after you use the toilet anyways so it's not like you would be eating down the bacteria.

Should You Ever?

I totally understand why some people might prefer cloth toilet paper rather than manufactured toilet paper. It is softer and more environmentally friendly. I don't know if you should though. The washing of the cloths uses more water so when you weigh out the options, it might be close. 

Would You Ever?

Personally, I wouldn't. I could probably try but I don't think that it would work out. I don't have the time to keep washing my toilet paper over and over again. What are your opinion's on this? Comment below!

The Verdict: 

It's reasonable. If you're into saving a couple of bucks and you're frugal, I would go for it! It's not for everybody but the people that do make it work, I admire you. 

Want to find out more about this? Here are some links.


1 comment:

  1. hello
    cool new series
    i wouldn't it would take to long, use to much water and what if you lose it and had no NORMAL toilet paper left, what would you do
    and it is gross sounding.
    so over all i would not use or bye this product
    my answer is:
    could you: yes
    sould you: no
    would you: no
    :) glad i could coment
    and if i have any craft ideas then i will email you