Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My Day Of Instagram

anthill//my gorgeous bracelets//i need more great lash!
Originally, today I was going to make a tutorial for redoing your rings but it started raining and the lighting wasn't good so I called it off. Sorry!

Instagram is one of the handiest things I have ever used. I love the effects and how easy it is to change your pictures. Follow me? Search up ilovemycupcakes and I'll follow you back!

Have you guys ever come across a game that is like your drug? Ahaha, the game Anthill is mine. You basically have this little colony of ants and there are bugs that come along trying to destroy your hill so you have little defenses to stop them. The ants are absolutely adorable.

I'm putting up a bracelet tutorial soon so that picture above is a little teaser. :)

I need more Great Lash!


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