Thursday, July 26, 2012

I Love: Snooki & Jwoww

My love started when I watched Jersey Shore. The moment Nicole/ Snooki walked into the house saying " Party's here!" , I was hooked in and I kept watching every week and I started really getting into the show. 

I know a lot of people say that Jersey Shore is garbage and that it is a waste of time. When you actually watch a whole season of it, you realize that yes, you are watching a bunch of people party,'smush' and get into fights every night but you are also watching a family. They all care about each other and they all act like how a real family does.

4 seasons later and MTV announces that they are filming Snooki & Jwoww. If you understand what I say about them being a family, you will understand when I say that Nicole and Jenni are sisters. 

Give it a chance, it's surprisingly funny and they really have calmed down from their days of Jersey Shore.  They might be blunt, honest, outspoken and raunchy but they are also themselves. 

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