Friday, October 05, 2012

Hello Sponsors: October

I'm so excited to write the first Hello Sponsors post! I think it's a great way to get more exposure to your blog and I'm happy to write one of these! Let's start!

Adrianna From Horses Of Ares

Tell us about yourself and your blog! 

Hi, lovelies! My name's Adriana. I'm the writer and amateur designer behind Horses of Ares. I really love talking about nature, food and recipes, beauty, home decor, my daily adventures and everything else in between. I'd would love to be your friend so don't be shy and come say hello! :)

Any other interesting info about you?

I have a fischer's lovebird named Skittles because he's all the colors of the rainbow!


Zali From Picking Daisies

Tell us about yourself and your blog!

I am twelve years old and i just love to blog about my dollies, craftiness, fashion posts, diys, and just things I have been doing lately or fun things.

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Courtney From Chase All Your Dreams

Tell us about yourself and your blog!

Hi! I'm Courtney and live in the Big Apple. I'm finishing up my liberal arts degree at the moment and I'm going into the music business next summer. I love music, baking, traveling, crafting, singing, going to concerts, reading, blogging, letter writing, and so much more. Chase All Your Dreams is a lifestyle blog about my life in and outside of college, my journey into the music business, my thoughts, opinions, likes, and whatever pops into my head. So stop by and say hi! I'd love to meet you! 

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Lucy From Donut Pastry

Tell us about yourself and your blog!

Hello there! I like to make things, read, blog, and dream. My blog is a DIY craft blog and a photography blog! Nice to meet all of you!


Aren't all of these ladies lovely? Want to be featured on next months Hello Sponsors? Just sign up  to swap ads with me for November! 


  1. Eeek~ that's me! Haha. Thanks a bunch for featuring me in your first sponsor post. I'm really honored.

    xo, Adriana.

  2. Yay! There I am! ^_^ Thank you for accepting me as a sponsor!

  3. Ahaa, you guys are too cute! I had so much fun writing this post!